Communicating with the Angels

The Angels are part of our daily lives, and they are there to assist us, but they only can help us in two cases: if we ask them to help us or in case of emergency. They are among us in order to teach us that God, like all Father is Love and he is always with us to meet each of our requests and challenges. There is no field in which the Angels have no intervention, they can help with our feelings, relationships, health, prosperity and any problems that are affecting us.

Consultation: Debora invites you to meet your angels and work with them to improve your life. Using a deck of cards, Debora connect with your Guardian Angels and Archangels, to answer the questions you want to ask them, so they heal and harmonize every aspect of your life. If we open our hearts to hear the messages the angels have for us, we could get peace and harmony in every area of ​​our existence.

Courses and Meditations: Debora offers workshops to learn to know and work with your angels through oracle cards, crystals and other items. Meditations to connect with these wonderful beings are conducted privately or in groups. For more information see the link “Courses”.